David Crowell


Brown Application

My portfolio includes four pieces: Point Cloud, Plumage (II), Catharsis, and documentation from Sum of Days, a multimedia collaboration with Carlito Carvalhosa at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City (referenced in my personal statement).

I produced and mixed the recordings.

Thanks for listening.


Personal Statement

Point cloud

3 movements, 12 minutes
For guitar sextet (electric and classical guitars)
Performed by Dan Lippel

To be released on New Focus Recordings in Spring 2019



1 movement, 7 minutes
For 4 alto saxophones & electronic playback
Performed by David Crowell



2 movements, 12 minutes
For 3 cellos, vibraphone, drum set, voice, electronics & optional electric guitar
Performed by New Morse Code + David Crowell



1 movement, 21 minutes
For alto saxophones
Performed by David Crowell

Eucalyptus is a site-specific piece composed for Carlito Carvalhosa’s exhibition Sum of Days at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I performed the piece twice in the center of the exhibition as visitors walked through. Please follow link below for video and images, and refer to my personal statement for more information on the project.

Museum of Modern Art webpage for Sum of Days